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According to Statute of Federal Agency on Technical Regulating and Metrology, approved by the Russian Federation Government Decree No. 294, dated 17.06.2004, the Agency is entrusted with organizational and methodical guidance of works on creation of Federal Codification System for the federal state needs and maintenance of Federal Catalogue of Products for the state needs.


   The main goals for development of Federal Products Codification System (FPCS) are as follows:

  • improvement of quality and reliability of products;
  • improvement of logistics support on the basis of product nomenclature minimization;
  • elimination of different descriptions of the same products; assistance in products standardization;
  • saving time and money, labor and material resources;
  • strengthening of relations between national customers and suppliers;
  • increasing level of equipment unification used by different Ministries and Offices;
  • increasing of operational preparedness of departments.

   FPCS is an organizationally well-ordered summation of:

  • Information resources (documents);
  • Federal Products Catalogue (FPC);
  • Unified Products Codifier (UPC);
  • Products Standard Forms (PSF);
  • Catalogue Products Descriptions (CPD);
  • Codification Normative Documents (CND);
  • Products Codification Information Technologies representing a Unified Automated Information System of Products Codification (AIS PC).

   Participants of the FPCS are as follows:

  • Federal Agency on Technical Regulating;
  • Federal State Institution "Federal Codification Center";
  • Federal Executive Bodies - state customers;
  • Codification Centers of state customers;
  • Federal Executive Bodies under whose jurisdiction there are organizations delivering products;
  • Leading branch industrial codification organizations;
  • suppliers (manufacturers) of products.

   Other interested Federal Executive Bodies also take part in codification activities within FPCS, for example:

  • RF Ministry of Economic Development and Trade;
  • RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Federal Service on Military and Technical Cooperation;
  • Federal Service on Defense Contracting.
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