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MOSCOW, July 7 – Metrology for medicine and healthcare became the topic  of international roundtable organized by Rosstandart and its subordinate organizations VNIIMS and VNIIM named after D. I. Mendeleev, Department of Metrology
of the State Administration for Market Regulation of the People's Republic of China and the National Institute of Metrology of China (NIM).

Participants of the discussion - leading Chinese and Russian specialists of national metrological institutes, shared their experience in metrological support of measurements in healthcare systems, the results of the development of standard samples and traceability of measurements performed in laboratory medicine.

"The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly shown how the importance of identification of SARS-Cov-19, accurate determination of viral load on the body and compare test systems produced by different manufacturers. There is a ready-made solution
– it is fully provided with the help of metrological traceability to national or international standards for calibrators, when registering medical devices. Altogether, it will allow us to bring laboratory research to a new qualitative level as an adequate response to the challenges of our time" said Elena Kulyabina, moderator of the discussion, Head of the Laboratory of Bioinformatics Technologies at VNIIMS.

 Professor Li Hongmei, Director of the Department of Metrology in Chemistry of the National Institute of Metrology of China (NIM), reported about the development of standards and ensuring traceability for laboratory medicine as one of the directions of the External Quality Assessment System.

 "The establishment of metrological traceability is one of the most important areas of work related to ensuring reliability in laboratory medicine. Significant proportion of laboratory research in our country is based on bioanalytical methods, so metrologists need to expand the range of reference samples – means of transferring a unit of the required value from primary standards to medical devices for in vitro diagnostics. Now we are developing a stable cooperation of metrological, medical, scientific and production organizations for the development of standard samples, for metrological support of hematological, biochemical, immunological, PCR analyzers and other medical measuring instruments, their calibration, verification and control of the indications correctness," reported Maxim Vonsky, Acting Head of the Research Department of State Standards and reference samples in the field of bioanalytical and medical measurements of the VNIIM named after D. I. Mendeleev.

 The creation of a "Digital PCR" and the use of an accurate calibration system for the detection of SARS-Cov-19 was reported by Dr. Dong Lianhua, Senior Researcher, Center for Advanced Measurement Science, NIM.

Also, current reports related to the metrological support of laboratory medicine included presentations on the successful development and integration of metrological blocks in chemical and biochemical studies (biomarkers), hematology (study of blood cells), toxicology (concentration of drugs), microbiology and molecular diagnostics (DNA and genetic material).

 Summing up the discussion, the Chinese and Russian participants agreed that modern laboratory technologies for studying the composition and properties of biological materials are directly related to the effectiveness of providing further medical care, primarily its high-tech types. At the same time, the quality of measurements in the field of clinical laboratory diagnostics can be achieved due to their traceability
to the reference base.

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