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Designation Title
GOST R 53661-2009 .
GOST ISO 1181-2013 3-, 4- and 8-strand Manila and sisal fibre ropes. General specifications
GOST ISO 1140-2013 3-, 4- and 8-strand polyamide fibre ropes. General specifications
GOST ISO 1141-2013 3-, 4- and 8-strand polyestere fibre ropes. General specifications
GOST R 51077-2017 8-bit code of information interchange for 6-point representations of characters in Braille system
GOST R 50916-2017 8-bit code of information interchange for 8-point representations of characters in Braille
GOST R ISO 10325-2012 8-strand braided ropes, 12-strand braided and covered ropes from high modulus polyethylene fibers. General technical requirements
GOST 31837-2012 Abcorptive gas purifiers. Safety requirements and test methods
GOST R 52588-2011 Abrasive tools. Safety requirements
GOST R 57762-2017 Absorbent underwear for disabled people. General specifications
GOST R ISO 8206-2009 Acceptance test for oxygen cutting machines. Reproducible accuracy. Operational characteristics
GOST R 51241-2008 Access control systems and units. Classification. The general technical requiremеnts. Test methods
GOST R 56256-2014 Accessibility guidelines for information/communication technology equipment and services
GOST R ISO 17049-2015 Accessible design. Application of braille on signage, equipment and appliances
GOST R ISO 17069-2017 Accessible design. Consideration and assistive products for accessible meeting
GOST R 54817-2011 Accidentally caused candle flame ignition for audio/video, communication and information technology equipment
GOST 32693-2014 Accounting of industrial atmospheric emissions. Terms and definitions
GOST 33702-2015 Accounting systems of hydrocarbon condensate, liquefied hydrocarbon gas and long distillate of light hydrocarbons. General requirement for procedure of measurements
GOST 32384-2013 Acetic acid. Gas chromatographic determination in atmospheric air
GOST R 55982-2014 Acid acetic for the food industry. Specifications
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